Cloudtivi Meet

Connect, communicate and collaborate securely wherever and whenever.

With Cloudtivi Meet video conferencing, you can setup your meeting in a few simple steps to work remote and stay connected. Cloudtivi Meet works on the cloud with highest security standards. But if you need more security, it can even run on your own server as a whitelabel service.

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Start a meeting

Video Conferencing

Make online meeting. Share slides and documents. Chat.


Access one-to-many. Share youtube video, presentations and desktop.

Virtual Classroom

Start online lessons. Ask questions. Share documents and slides.

Personalized experiences

Video provides personal face-to-face interactions that many consumers now expect for consultations, sales processes, and customer service. More efficient and meaningful conversations decrease interaction times and increase completion rates and customer satisfaction.

Video, screen sharing and broadcast

Support all your video use-cases with 1:1 video consultations or group video chat or large scale broadcasts to thousands. Plugin-free across all modern web browsers.

Extend the reach of patient care

Video conferencing technology enables health care providers and support staff to collaborate across distances, creating greater efficiencies and a sharper focus on patient care.